Monday, September 29, 2008

Wolverine: Saudade

Wolverine looking bad ass on a motorcycleWriter: Jean-David Morvan
Artist: Philippe Bouchet
Publisher: Marvel (Max)
Published: September 2008

Wolverine: Saudade is a welcome story to the world of everyone's favorite noble savage. Here is a guy that lives in a world of pain. Pain he endures (better than all others thanks to a healing factor), and pain he brings to those who risk his wrath. Wolverine is the one to make the decisions that no one else will make, and it's Wolverine who is forever tormented by those same decisions. In many ways, he is Marvel's ultimate enigma. As can be expected, with so many facets to his character, writers and artists have leapt on the chance to explore his world. Thankfully, Jean-David Morvan and Philippe Bouchet have also taken this leap.

Morvan and Bouchet bring a new perspective to Wolverine. Instead of focusing entirely on the basic elements of Wolverine, ie. fighting, cussing, and killing, they add more human elements. Wolverine is dancing, smiling, and having a good time. Oh, he's still the beast, ready to exact vengeance when necessary, but now he's more a lover of life, quick to enjoy the finer pleasures. These small gestures make Wolverine a better character overall. He's not just the brooding kill-bot we've all come to expect. On this merit alone, this comic should be picked up.

Wolverine tearing everything apartWolverine getting his ass handed ot himAnd if the discussion above doesn't entice you to purchase this comic, let me just say, the artwork is gorgeous and detailed. Some of my favorite scenes involve the ones where Wolverine is sporting his Canadian maple leaf belt buckle.

Just beautiful...

Wolverine dancing

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