Monday, October 27, 2008

Elvira's House of Mystery # 1: Halloween Special

Writers: Joey Cavalieri, Philip Clarke Jr., Robert Kanigher, Dennis Yee, Jack Harris
Artists: Ron Wagner, Bob Oksner, Tom Grindberg, Irwin Hasen, Arthur Geroche, Dennis Yee, Dan Spiegel
Publisher: DC
Published: January 1986

Does anyone remember Elvira? Well if not, she was the B-horror movie expert of the 80's. Her film Mistress of the Dark was a big hit and catapulted her into the mainstream media. She just recently had a reality show, The Search for the Next Elvira. So now you're all caught up.

Elvira's House of Mystery follows the same format of her early work. She used to host a small opening and ending segment for old horror movies. In this comic series, she acts as a comical interlude between various stories. House of Mystery has four tales. Only three of the four of worth mentioning. The second tale is called "Death Likes a Lullaby" and involves a kidnapping, psychological torment, being buried alive, all to the theme of a lullaby. It's a pretty good story, all told. It has some definite Edgar Allan Poe elements to it. The third tale "Once Upon a Time" involves ancient wizards battling it out for the souls of two lovers. The last tale "Vengeance in the Creature Feature" involves the victim of teenage bullies getting some much needed revenge.

Also, Cain makes a special guest appearance, which is very fitting considering the title of this series.


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