Saturday, October 18, 2008

Groo The Wanderer # 24: Arcadio's Quest

Writers: Sergio Aragones & Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones
Colorist: Tom Luth
Letterer: Stan Sakai
Publisher: Marvel
Published: February 1987

I now own 2 Groo comics! Yeah!

This installment has Groo trying to do a good deed with the end results far from good. Groo is asked to break the curse that has turned the people of Arcadio's town into ug-mo's, ie. uber-ugly folk. Arcadio is also on a quest to transform the ugly folk into their former selves. The problem is that Groo thinks the town's citizens are supposed to be ugly, so when he arrives and sees the townsfolk pretty as ever, he immediately sets to undo the curse of beauty. Basically, the issue revolves around Arcadio and Groo transforming the town's citizens into ugly and beautiful with neither gaining ground. The issue ends with Groo being driven from the town.

What makes this issue stand out is the great artwork by Aragones. His pen work is outstanding, and each character is a treat to view. I don't think there has been another artist that has been able to create such detailed comical chaos in one panel alone. A real treat.

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