Sunday, October 5, 2008

House of Yang # 1: Empress of Evil

Writer: Joe Gill
Artist: Sanho Kim
Publisher: Charlton Comics
Published: 1975

House of Yang was most likely created to capture some of the kung-fu mania of the mid 70s sparked by Bruce Lee. The story is set in China, year 1890. The hero Sun Yang has been away from home, fighting evilness up north. During his absence, his former master is slain, and his cousin is captured and brought to America. Sun Yang returns home to following through on some knowledge of evil being committed. Once he is home, he is greeted by the Empress of Evil, who has taken over his home. (She also looks remarkably like the Han's evil assistant Tania in Enter the Dragon.) Beyond that it's pretty much fighting and fleeing, ending with Sun Yang blowing up the ship that the Empress of Evil is on. Pretty lame....

However, there is one cool scene, where Sun Yang has to use Harmonious Hands to seriously harm some KILLER DOGS!

Shit Yeah!

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