Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Plop! # 11

Writers/Artists: Sergio Aragones, Alex Toth, Steve Skeates, Manak
Cover: Basil Wolverton
Publisher: DC
Published: April 1975

Plop! was a humor magazine published by DC in the mid 70s. Plop! had various comics by various artists and the theme was mostly centered on horror/fantasy. Each issue was introduced by three ghoulish characters: Cain, Able, and Eve. The covers were done by the greats, Basil Wolverton and Wallace Wood.

Beyond the reoccurring characters, one thing that is also present is the constant use of the word 'Plop!' Every story has to have the word at least once, and if it's not present, than it's in the title. Take for example: Monster Plops, Prison Plops, Plop Drop (for fan letters), People Plops, and Historical Plops are all titles in issue 11. I was kinda hoping they would have had a tale entitled: "One Single Plop!"

Here are some excerpts:

And finally, one last thing. This is from an ad in this issue.
Paging Dr. Frederic Wertham

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