Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Secret Voice # 1

Writer/Artist: Zack Soto
Publisher: Ad House Books
Published: Fall 2005

The Secret Voice is a real treat to read. As Soto writes in this issue: "This is my world, and these are my stories, and there's no set type of thing that you'll see in it." He wasn't kidding.

There are 4 stories, with each wholly original. The first follows Dr. Galopagos as he infiltrates a private rock troll funeral in the depths of Earth. One thing leads to another and Dr. Galapagos is wrecking some major shit on the rock trolls. The trolls then summon a spit golem which makes life all the more difficult for our hero. He eventually escapes, by jumping into a stream of water, and the story is to be continued.

The next story is called Day 34. This is my favorite story in the Secret Voice. A man in a boat lost at sea encounters a hole in the ocean. The hole has a ladder leading downward. The man begins the trek downward where he is greeted by a small impish man sitting at a table. As for the ending, I'm not going to say as it would spoil all the fun.

The third tale involves a gang war between the Ghost King and Lord Zoob.

And finally the fourth tale involves a teenage boy who can meld with the Smog Emperor, who has a penchant for kickin' ass.

So all told, a very interesting and original comic. GO COMICS!

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