Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen # 1

Writers: John Layman & Tom Peyer, Jim Massey
Artists: Scott Chantler, Robbi Rodriguez
Colorists: Pete Pantazis & Aurelio Alfonso, Dave McCaig
Publisher: Oni Press
Published: July 2007

Everyone's favorite late night host of the Colbert Report has turned his attention to comics, and we in the comic world are all the better for it. Tek Jansen is Colbert's intergalactic space colonel alter ego. The first issue of the five part mini series follows Tek Jansen as he defeats Psychotto, a despotic villain,and then incites a planatery war. And only in 16 pages! The second half of the comic follows Tek Jansen as he infiltrates the Rombaronians society. His mission is to liberate the plain-headed Rombaronans from the absolute rule of the horn-headed elite. Needless to say that goes all to hell.

The Tek Jansen mini series is spectacularly entertaining. It has the over-the-top, parodizing, egomanic qualites that makes Colbert so great. Take for instance the following panels:
Viva Le Tek Jansen!

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