Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wolverine: Manifest Destiny # 1

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Stephen Segovia
Colorist: John Rauch
Publisher: Marvel
Published: October 2008

The only reason I am buying this series is because issue 3 is going to have an Enter The Dragon inspired cover. Shallow, I know. But what can you do?

Moving along, Manifest Destiny has the makings of a decent mini-series. The first issue has Logan mulling over past wrongs and a desire to make things right. This involves visiting San Francisco Chinatown, and returning a spearhead. However, the locals of Chinatown aren't too happy to see him, and in classic Wolverine style, he is forced to kick some ass.

Overall, it's a pretty enjoyable comic. It covers all the major elements of a good Wolverine story: regret, drinking, fighting, haunted by the past, and Wolverine getting beat up. It also has a Jim Kelly inspired character, and some kid who looks like a cross between Short Round and Tinny Tim, except the whole robot thing...ok a mix between Short Round and the hat of Tinny Tim.

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