Sunday, February 15, 2009

American Splendor # 4

Writer: Harvey Pekar
Artists: Darick Robertson, Ty Templeton, Dean Haspiel, Rick Geary, Gary Dumm, Greg Budgett
Publisher: Vertigo
Published: September 2008

I'm going to cut to the chase - I'm home sick with a cold like pestilence that derives me off all will to conquer my ability to exit the bed/couch let alone tackle the task I have laid out before me on this blog.

I've been giving this task quite the thought lately. In my enthusiasm to blog about comics, I ignored the cold hard reality of the work this thing would entail. First, I have to get/read a comic everyday. Second, I have scan images from it. Thirdly format the photos and add credits, and finally I have to write about it. All of this is difficult to do everyday, but the real hard part is keeping myself motivated, and when I'm sick, this is the last thing I want to do...

So, long story short, I'm going to stick true to my goal, even if I have to 'fudge the numbers'. But, to keep myself motivated and interested, it's time to let my blog reflect the reality of me and my life, even if it means I don't blog at all...

But not today!

American Splendor by Harvey Pekar was first turned on to me by the movie of the same name. A great movie that I would highly recommend to anyone. Harvey specializes in creating and delivering stories of 'real life.' He doesn't go for the capes and speedos, or the big bang explosions that most comics opt for. Instead he talks about his day, his cat, or the impending crisis of not filing his taxes early.

Issue # 4 has Harvey up to his same old shenanigans: having a dead car battery, thinking about writing stories, filing taxes, buying a gift, and writing about writing a comic. Good 'real life' stuff.

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