Friday, February 20, 2009

Batman Gotham Knights # 3

Batman Gotham KnightsWriters: Paul Pope, Devin Grayson
Artists: Paul Ryan, Paul Pope
Publisher: DC
Published: May 2000

Chock this one up to laziness again. I had some more pre-scans of Pope's stuff. You know, when it comes to Batsy, Pope definitely has a handle on that guy. Year 100 is fantastic, and any other short story he has done is usually top notch as well.

Ok, Gotham Knights 3 has Batman battling it out with undead and Popes tale has Batman battling a guy in a giant robot suit, all the while suffering the indiginity of a broken nose. These black and white tales are the stories that compose the Batman Black and White Volumes. They're pretty sweet.

Batman nursing his broken noseBatman fighting a metal Machine by Paul Pope

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