Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ghostbusters # 1: The Other Side

Writer: Keith Champagne
Artist: Tom Nguyen
Publisher: IDW

Published: October 2008

When the Ghost Mob has dire plans for you and the ones you love, "Who you gonna call?"


That's right! The Ghostbusters are back! In comix form no less! This issue has our boys back in business, but instead of tackling the typical monster ghost and ghouls, they're running head first into the ghost mob! No sliming here! We're talking made men, who don't take shit, armed with real guns!

The issue has Venkman becoming possessed and his spirit forced out of his body. The remaining Ghostbusters are charged with finding his soul, lest he be lost forever. Meanwhile, the ghost mob is making plans to put the Ghostbusters out of business, ie. swimming with the fisheys. And those real guns are certainly going to help.

Check Winston hand out some blue collar justice to the possessed Venkman:


Oh, also check the ad for Rick Remender and Bret Blevins Legion of the Supernatural. It was supposed to be out by now, but due to some unforeseen events it's going to be delayed. I emailed IDW about this and they were kind enough to send me some scans of the first few pages, and let me tell you it looks great. When it does hit, it's gonna be awesome.

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