Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Challengers of the Unknown # 82

Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Mike Nasser
Publisher: DC
Published: August 1977

The Challengers of the Unknown are Red Ryan, Rocky Davis, 'The Prof' Haley, Ace Morgan, and together they CHALLENGE THE UNKNOWN! Issue #82 has the Prof Haley dying. He has some weird sickness that is inside him, and the only cure is in Perdition, PA. This town earlier had a visit by the Swamp Thing who levied some justice on an unspeakable evil.

Too bad it lived on!

The 3 remaining Challengers and Miss Robbins, travel to Perdition, only to be beset by this lurking evil as the town is under the beasts commands, and this beast demands sacrifice!

The issue ends with Miss Robbins being served to the evil beast! Behold it's tentacle gruesomeness!

Behold a good time with the Super Friends!

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