Thursday, March 12, 2009

Doctor Strange: The Most Mystical Hero of All! Treasury Edition

Writers/Artists: Various
Publisher: Marvel
Published: 1975

I picked up this gem in St. John's NL for $5! The book itself is 13" by 10" printed on sweet sweet old comic pulp print. You know the kind! The kind that given a little more time, will soon capture the smells of whatever room and life they are exposed to. I hope my comics someday will smell like bacon and Old Spice (as those are the smells that best embody my true essence). It has 8 reprints of Dr. Strange and 1 pin up. The stories range from 1966 to 1973 and include:

1. The End at Last! (Dr. Strange vs. The Dread Dormammu)
2. The Origin of the Ancient One!
3. The End of the Ancient One!
4. To Dream - Perchance to Die! (Dr. Strange vs. Nightmare)
6. Face to Face with the Magic of Baron Mordo!
7. The Cult and the Curse!
8. Finally, Shuma-Gorath!

The last one has Dr. Strange battling a giant tentacle thingy with a giant eyeball. Over the years I've really taken a bizarre liking to horrific monsters being inspired by Lovecraft. That guy really detested tentacle like things. There's a game based off his writings called Arkham Horror. I used to play it when I lived in St. John's. It was an interesting game, in that, unlike most games that can be fairly easy to defeat, this game was insanely hard. The monsters were tough to beat, and more often than not, to live you had to run away, lest you die or go insane.

One time when we were playing, I was the female Jewish author character (can't remember her name), and not even half way through the game, I had gone insane twice, and my only weapons were a .45 hand gun and a bottle of whiskey. This was amusing on so many levels.

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