Friday, March 27, 2009

Epic Illustrated # 22: Marada the She-Wolf in 'Wizard's Masque'

Marada fighting beast from another dimensionWriter: Chris Claremont
Artist: John Bolton
Publisher: Marvel
Published: February 1984

Epic was a relatively short lived magazine published by Marvel. It allowed Marvel to avoid the Comics Code and create stories of a more mature theme. Issue # 22 has a number of stories, but it also has Marada the She-Wolf battling the most dreaded of monsters: the tentacled Gyatria. While sleeping, Marada's companion Arianrhod attempts to create a portal to whisk herself home. Unfortunately for her she opens door that lets things pass that should not pass.

Marada attacks the beast, only to be dragged to the spaces in between spaces. (Ugh, I can't believe I just wrote that!)

The beast transports Marada to what appears to be a land right out of Arabian Nights. It is here that she befriends Taric Redhand (who just so happens to cop a feel during a battle.)
But don't worry folks, he gets his just reward for such an indiscretion!

Before his untimely death, he advised Marada to seek out Jaffar the Wizard:

Too bad for Marada though.

Just goes to show: Can't never trust a wizard named Jaffar.

Jaffar mad

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