Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eternals # 4

Writer/Artist: Jack Kirby
Colorist: Glynis Wein
Publisher: Marvel
Published: October 1976

90 seconds is not nearly enough time to describe how awesome Jack Kirby is. Kirby is one of those guys that has this endless stream of ideas that he was able to convey on paper. His artwork snaps, crackles, and pops. Each panel is a joy to behold.

Take for instance Eternals # 4. Not a major standout issue in the Kirby cannon, but even when it is standard Kirby work it still looks frickin' fantastic! The story has New York under attack by demon deviants. Ikaris is on the offensive to repel the demonic hordes, but soon falls prey to a 'brain mine'. Sersi, meanwhile has troubles of her own when she is attacked at her apartment. She uses her powers to turn her attackers into lizards. The issue ends with the Arishem ready to levy some cosmic justice on humankind.

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