Friday, March 13, 2009

Ghost Rider # 15

Ghost rider looking bad assWriter: Howard Mackie
Artist: Mark Texiera
Publisher: Marvel
Published: July 1991


Ghost Rider rocks! This issue is from way back, back when Danny Ketch was the Spirit of Vengeance. Issue 15 is the wicked most spectacular glow-in-the-dark issue.

The story follows Ghost Rider reeling from an attack by Johnny Blaze. Ghost Rider reverts back to Danny, whereupon his bike is taken by force by a bunch of crackheads, which is then taken again by some elite commandos. Ignoring this dilemma, Danny seeks out Blackout (the murderer of his sister). He finds him, transforms to Ghost Rider:

looking bad ass
Johnny gets in the way of Ghost Rider's quest for vengeance, thinking he is the same demon that possessed him years before.

Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze fighting
After a brief struggle, Ghost Rider orders Johnny to shoot both he and Blackout.

The issue ends with Ghost Rider doin' his thing and handing out some just punishment!

Monster face getting his ass handed to him

Ghost Rider Rules! Especially when he glows in the dark!

cover glowing in the dark

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