Monday, March 23, 2009

The Goon # 6: iLagarto Hombre!

Writer/Artist: Eric Powell
Colorists: Eric Powell, Robin Powell, Shaynne Corbett, Barry Gregory
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Published: April 2004

Ahh...the Goon. What a great comic! Today's issue brings Powell's interpretation of that oh so famous tentacle beast. After a rift in time and space opens, depositing the said beast in Goon's territory, it makes it's way to town. Powell can't help but remark: "How original. An ugly thing with tentacles. Why it can't be something interesting like a monster made out of breasts?"

Good question. Definitely worth pondering over....

Moving along, the beast attacks the town where it gets the royal Goon treatment. The issue ends...well you'd never expect how. Here's a snapshot to get the ol'brain bubbling:

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