Thursday, March 19, 2009

H.P. Lovecraft's Haunt of Horror # 1 of 3

HP Lovecrafts monster!Writer/Artist: Richard Corben
Publisher: Marvel
Published: August 2008

Marvel's Haunt of Horror centered on HP Lovecraft is equal, if not better, than their last limited series focusing on Edgar Allan Poe. (Of course that all depends on your preferred story teller). Corben really sinks his teeth into Lovecrafts method of madness and delivers a great read with great art.

Issue one has 3 tales: 'Dagon,' 'The Scar,' (after Lovecraft's 'The Recognition') and 'A Memory.' Dagon has a man on the brink of madness who won't let Them get him, at all costs. The Scar is a boy attempting to face a great fear, or else someone will die. Finally, A Memory, is a tale of revenge throughout the ages. Check some scans!!

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