Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jungle Girl S2 # 2

Jungle girl fighing a squid thingWriter: Frank Cho, Doug Murray
Artist: Frank Cho, Adriano Batista, Frank Martin
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Published: December 2008

Ladies Night # 5

So continuing on my comics with tentacle monsters, and this week lacking a comic dedicated to a female lead, I couldn't help but find a comic with both elements. Thus we have Jungle Girl! As all folks know, Frank Cho is the latest in a long line of pin-up artists, who has successfully fused cheesecake with action packed stories. On Jungle Girl Frank Cho provides stories with plot and cover, with Murray and Batista filling in the rest.

Issue # 2 has Jana (Jungle Girl) and crew boarding a submarine, only to be stalked by the seas most horredous monster: A GIANT TENTACLE BEASTIE!

But Jana ain't afraid of no beast!

Too bad it's bigger than she is!

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