Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Sissy?

tough guy don't love jesusWriter/Artist: Jack Chick
Publisher: Chick Publications
Published: 1978

Jack Chick is the king of Christian comics. That's really all I can say about the guy.

I was given this comic when I was in Calgary at a flea market. The lady that gave it to me seemed extremely happy that I was interested in the comic. She seemed kinda fanatical as well, which I didn't quite like, so I took a few of the comics and left. I've held onto these comics ever since. I fear if I get rid of them I'll be drowned in a burning pool of fire and snakes.

Anyway, The Sissy, is about a tough, dirty unshaven, truck driver. This tough truck driver calls Jesus a sissy after seeing the back of a big rig that says: "Jesus Saves."

tough guy don't love jesus
The man who owns the big rig with the sign is a bigger, clean shaven, man who invites the tough truck driver to supper.

Good guy don't believe jesus to be a sissy
At dinner the clean shaven truck driver advises that Jesus is the "God-Man" who can defeat anyone (he's God after all), and that he died for our sins, and that he will return soon to clean house (my words, but more or less the basic point).

jesusrepent your sins!At this point the dirty unshaven truck driver repents and says Jesus "had more guts than any man that ever lived...and I love him for that!"

Anyone seen The Passion of the Christ? Now that's some intense sh*t. Religion stuff aside, story wise, when you see a dude get tortured and martyred, I don't care who you are, but that is going to affect you. Religion stuff now, I don't think the best way to encourage someone to live a 'better life' is to base one's beliefs on the fact that someone died for you and your sin-ly ways.

But man can that Jack Chick draw eh?

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