Monday, March 16, 2009

Spookgirl # 4: Chinese Daydream & Trip Out

Writer/Artist: Macropoulos
Publisher: Slave Labor Graphics
Published: November 2000

Ladies Night # 4 (No, I did not choose this issue on purpose - pure coincidence it's number 4!)

Issue # 4 has our lady Trixie attempting to reclaim a lost bit of her childhood. She remembers an old Chinese fairy tale: an old man kept his childhood memories in a flask. He believed these secrets had wonderful meanings, and so he meditated atop a mountain, until his younger self disappeared, and all he had left was an empty flask.


Trixie revisits this mountain, is kicked out by some Tikis, eats a hallucinogenic plumb, and meets a strange visitor.

"Trixie will be the first to believe that their really is a monster under your bed." - Spookgirl # 4

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