Friday, March 6, 2009

Watchmen # 5: Fearful Symmetry

Writer: Alan Moore
Artist: Dave Gibbons
Colorist: John Higgins
Publisher: January 1987

The movie Watchmen has hit theatres today, so I just couldn't pass up this chance to add a Watchmen comic to Comix 365.

Watchmen # 5: Fearful Symmetry concerns Rorschach deepening his investigation into the death of the Comedian. What makes this issue so great is the authors ensuring this issue is symmetrical. By this, I mean, the 28 pages are mirror images of each other, with on the 14 and 15 pages a 2 page spread that unite the symmetrical image. Take a look at a few scans of pages 7 & 22, 9 & 20, and 14 & 15:

This attention to symmetry in the comic, I don't think could be produced effectively in the movie. It's not a big deal, but it does add an extra level to the reading experience. I am interested to see if the movie adds the subplot concerning the Black Freighter. When I first read the Watchmen, I hated the scenes with the pirates, but now, I see just how vital and necessary that sub story is. Especially when it comes to understanding Adrian Veidt. Anyway, I'm still excited to see the film, even if Moore hates it.

Regarding Moore, it's easy to understand his view. By denouncing the films (for whatever reason he is citing), in his own way he is protecting his original works. And this work of fiction deserves to be protected at all costs, cause it is truly a great read.

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