Monday, March 9, 2009

Zatanna # 1 of 4

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist/Inker: Ryan Sook/Mick Gray
Publisher: DC
Published: June 2005

Ladies Night # 3

Zatanna is, as some folks say, a second stringer when it comes to heroes. This is something that she is painfully aware of. In this issue, she is in a superhero low self-esteem meeting discussing her frustrations and past. She is a spellaholic who can't use her magic anymore because she can't speak backwards anymore.

Turns out she did some bad magic during a group seance to battle evil and she ended up summoning a monster, which killed her fellow magicians. To top it off, her old man died in a similar fashion, dying in a seance years before. (see Swamp Thing # 50)

So, she's a loser. But as everyone knows, with losers, they never really turn out to be just that. She's got 3 other issues to prove it!

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