Friday, April 3, 2009

Billy Batson & The Magic of Shazam! # 4

Writer/Artist: Mike Kunkel
Publisher: DC
Published: April 2009

Today's issue is dedicated to the most dreaded of feelings a comic collector can experience: jumping on the bandwagon once the bandwagon is gone. By this I mean, picking up a comic series that looks just awesome and you know is going to be awesome, but you're starting at the last issue.

I picked up Bill Batson and the Magic of Shazam! on issue # 4, and I don't dare read it until I have the first three. Only problem with this, is that the last three have long since exited Peterborough shops. I'm going to have to head to Toronto, cross my fingers, and hope that one of the multitude of shops down there will have them. Or I'm going to look to the internet and shell out the cash and pay the ridiculous shipping fees. Or worse, wait 10 months for the collected edition. Anyway, check some scans. It looks like (and I hope) it is going to be a great read.

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