Friday, April 10, 2009

Leonard Nimoy

Writer: Schnakenberg
Artist: Nora Tapp
Cover Artist: Robert A. Herrera
Publisher: Celebrity Comics
Published: August 1992

This is from the Celebrity Comics line. Although they are called comics, in actuality they are unauthorized biographies with some illustrations. Here's a line from the biography. It is in reference to Nimoy hitting pay dirt after directing Three Men and a Baby: "He and Susan spent the rest of the year counting their wad at their estate in San Fernando Valley." Nice. I can picture Spock surrounded by wads of cash, decked in a fur coat, his chest encrusted in gold chains, smoking a cigar while Susan is lounging on his arm complaining: "Spockie-baby, why can't we go out tonight?" whereupon Spock responds "Not tonight, I got an appointment with Kirk honey bunny."

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