Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time Warp # 5

Writers/Artists: Various
Publisher: DC
Published: July 1980

Time Warp was a 5 issue mini series. Each issue was a collection of sci-fi stories. Issue # 5 has a number of stories, ranging from time travel, transformations, suspense, love, and so on...One particular story that stands out is "Vengeance of C-92" by Arnold Drake and Vicatan. The story opens with Dr. Logan being hired to assist Barney Goffs run his super computer, C-92, which is programmed to run the North American continent.

Barney Goffs is so caught up with C-92, it is common knowledge the computer is like his son. However, after Dr. Logan has started work, Barney Goffs mind starts to stray:

But it would seem during his neglect towards C-92 he has also neglected Dr. Logan:

SHAZAM! (That one's for the ladies).

However, C-92, doesn't take to kindly to Barney's attention to Dr. Logan, so it tries to kill him with suck power!

But of course, Barney isn't just a wizard scientist, but and ASS-KICKIN' wizard scientist...

...who now has to live with the pain of killing his only son!

So, take heed: hell have no fury like a super computer scorned!

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