Friday, July 3, 2009

Detective Comics #854 - Batwoman

Batwoman nearly jumping out of comic!Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: J.H. Williams III
Colors: Dave Stewart
Publisher: DC
Published: June 2009

Batwoman interogates! Now this is what I call a comic! Great intrigue, conflicted characters, and most spectacularly, out of this world art design and layout! Williams knows his shit! I don't think I've seen a comic look this slick.

Batwoman's costume is awesome. I didn't realize it until this comic, but the color red on a Bat-costume is outstanding. Batwoman looks both stylish and deadly, which really, is what we want in our comic heroes.

Now the unavoidable: Batwoman is gay. This fact has heated up the comic world (at least some comic corners). Honestly I don't know why. When I bought DC 854 I bought it based on the previews of the artwork. I had no idea who the new Batwoman was or that she would be gay. I admit I was a tad surprised when I found out during my read. I even remarked to my girlfriend after reading DC that Batwoman was now a lesbian. My girlfriend tsked and remarked "oh great." As in "oh great" just wait till they break out the girl-on-girl scenarios.

Now don't get her wrong, she has a valid point. Comics, unfortunately carry the stigma of appealing to more stereotypical desires of males. This is because most comics (but not all) comics are written by males and read by males.

This presents a unique situation where women characters are written from the point of view of a man. How can a male accurately/honestly create and portray a woman character? I'm sure I don't know...but I'm sure glad that in Detective Comics 854, Rucka and Williams avoid the cliches and pandering that can easily be exploited from portraying a woman who looks good, wears tight leather/spandex, beats the tar out of people, and is also a lesbian. Good on them for keeping things in perspective.

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