Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mesmo Delivery

Writer/Artist: Rafael Grampa
Colours: Rafael Grampa & Marcus Penna
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Published: February 2010

If I reviewed comics professionally, this would be my quote:

"Blazingly spectacular. A dark twisted stop over ticket into the 'do not enter'. Non-refundable."

Ha ha, okay, I'm not a great 'quoter', but I really want to express how much I love this comic. I can't remember the last time I read a comic and was so excited I couldn't sleep. My enthusiasm for Mesmo Delivery is on par with how I felt after watching Oldboy. I was shocked, amazed, repulsed, fanatically joyous, grossed out. I could go on...but I don't want to over hype things.

The story follows an Elvis impersonator and a desperate ex-boxer driving a delivery truck. They stop for gas. All hell breaks loose.

Note 1: Definitely not for the kiddies.
Note 2: In case folks haven't noticed, any post with the tag "* Edit" has an image I have created from panels within the comic. I have time to do these right now, and it helps to keep me interested. Hope you like 'em.
Note 3: Here's a link for a preview PDF from it's initial publisher, AdHouse.

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