Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fan Expo 2010 - The Bomb

Fearless Dawn battling nazi zombies!Pin up of Fearless Dawn, signed by Steve MannionWriter/Artist: Steve Mannion
Publisher: Asylum Press
Published: August 2008

One of the comic book creators I was most excited to see at the Fan Expo was Steve Mannion. A few months back I picked up The Bomb on a whim. When I saw Steve I mentioned this,... well I said this: "I had never heard of The Bomb, but based off the cover I picked it up, and well, it's the bomb!"

This statement could have gone two ways with him: awkward silence or laugh. I got a laugh. Nice. I knew right then this guy's alright. We talked for a few minutes. He struck me as a goofy guy who easily breaks a grin. These qualities definitely come through his work. I asked if he plans on continuing his Fearless Dawn run, upon which he responded yes, and flipped to a drawing of Helga and her Nazi buddy on the moon!

Fearless Dawn roughhousing with Bettie Page look alikeThe Bomb is a collection of great looking goofy stories ranging from a Jungle girl and a dinosaur, to a juiced up pirate, to nazi shenanigans, to zombie robots. It has a swimsuit edition that is nice play on Archie Comics. Anyway, I can't express how much I like this collection of comics. There just good ol' fun comics...

As an final note, at the Expo, his sketchbook was the best purchase of the day. As far as sketchbooks go, for $10 you won't find a better deal. I have a feeling he'll be realizing this and the price will go up...but good for him!

Fearless Dawn looks a little like Megan Fox

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