Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fan Expo 2010 - Hellblazer # 250

Constantine looks at a graveWriters: Brian Azzarello, Jamie Delano, Dave Gibbons, China Mieville, Peter Milligan
Artists: Rafael Grampa, David Lloyd, Sean Phillips, Giuseppe Gamuncoli, Stefano Landini, Edie Campbell
Publisher: Vertigo
Published: February 2009

This should be my final entry on the Fan Expo...I think so at any rate...

Before the discussion with Darwyn Cooke, another popular crime writer hosted a talk: Brian Azzarello. I enjoyed the discussion. I've only read a few works of his, namely, The Joker, Broken City, a few other stand alone stories, and this issue. Overall I wouldn't call myself a dedicated's nothing personal...his writing overall just doesn't connect with me...however his work ethic is admirable and he comes across as a nice and opinionated guy.

Constantine fights a demon with a broken bottleFrom what I gathered in the discussion, he's a hard working chap who enjoys writing down-and-dirty crime stories. Some things of note during his talk were his dislike of continuity comics, his dislike of the Joker becoming a popular anti-hero, and his approach to making sure his stories have an invisible plot. In regards to his Joker statement, I'm glad I went to the discussion, considering after I first read his and Bermjo's take on the Joker I was left confused, dissatisfied, and unable to appreciate it.

Which was a subtle goal of theirs.

A close up of Jokers scars
Azzarello and Bermjo don't like that the Joker is becoming so popular and well-liked that he's almost becoming an anti-hero. The Joker is not being recognized as the psychopath, schitzo killer that he is and thus as a character he's losing credibility. Knowing this was their intention, I now realize that my initial distaste after reading The Joker was not because of a poorly conceived book, but because unconsciously I wanted to root for the Joker, when in actuality, the Joker is the last person you want to root for.

Constantine kicks a man in the nutsAnyway, enough on Brian and Bermjo...I'm sure they're doing alright for attention!

I picked up Hellblazer #250 because of R. Grampa. He's the shit. His art is graphically insane! Over the next year or so I can guarantee that in the world of comics, it's going to be Grampa, Grampa, Grampa!

In Grampa and Azzarellos tale, John Constantine has been hired to remove a decades old curse. All he needs are some dedicated fans and a goat. Let the magic begin!

The rest of the comic has a variety of solid tales that are pretty awesome - but don't take my word for it! Go get it because once Grampa really hits it, his back log is going to be super hot shit!

Constanstine battles a demon

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