Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TCAF and I'm looking for work...

Art by Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba
Three years ago I returned to school to chase my dreams - I wanted to be an artist and animator. As of April 2012 I have finished my studies and am halfway to achieving those dreams. The crap part of chasing those dreams though is having to deal with the possibility of not achieving those dreams - ie. finding a job I love. So the pros and cons for looking for work:

Pro: can now devote some time to this neglected blog o'mine.
Con: looking for work with the rest of my time. 

Ah well...let's get to it: some comics!

Went to TCAF 2012 on Sunday. Met Tom Neely - who was gracious enough to sign his wonderful pin-up for King Conan #4 (Dark Horse). Also picked up Doppelganger from him, which is his Popeye existential comic. I feel like Good Guy Greg! Even though I have a digital copy of Doppelganger at my fingertips, I still bought the comic! +1 for Good Guy Goodness! (I've also recently gotten hooked on  reddit). Enjoy Tom Neely's fantastic art! (He also has the original for sale - check out the uncensored version! Tom rules!)

Conan killing big time!