Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bruce Lee's Self Defense Techniques

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I was digging through my bookshelf yesterday and came across Bruce Lee's Fighting Method: Self-Defense Techniques. It was printed posthumously around 1976, but the photos date to 1966. It has a variety of techniques to help defend oneself. I've taken the liberty of scanning a few that highlight the destructive nature of Bruce Lee's Self Defense.

Defense from a Bear Hug
Bruce Lee punch to the groin
Punch the groin
Defense from headlock
Bruce Lee punch to the groin
Punch the groin
Defense from Front Punch
Bruce Lee kick to the groin
Kick the groin
Defense from Front Kick
Defense from Front kick, kick the groin
Kick. The. Groin.
Defense from Weapon Attack
Bruce Lee defends against weapon attack
Toe. To. The. Groin.
Defense From Sitting Position
Defense from Sitting position
Having a cup of tea - Bam! Punch to the groin!
Defense from Front Grab
Defense from Front Grab
To the groin!
Defense from Multiple Attackers
Bruce Lee kicking the groin
Defense from Multiple Attackers Alternative
Bruce Lee defends by kicking their groins to oblivion
Moral of the Story: Don't ever mess with Bruce Lee or any of his disciples. Ever.

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