Friday, July 27, 2012

Darwyn Cooke pre Parker and Watchmen

Darwyn Cooke wasn't one of my favorite artists until I stumbled upon his Eisner award winning one shot 'Batman/Spirit'. His artwork is both retro and contemporary. He draws with bold lines and is able to create great atmospheric scenes. He is also draws Wonder Woman taller than Superman.

On the DVD 'The New Frontier' Cooke mentions that this depiction of Wonder Woman has earned him both praise and scorn. I think it's funny, and really, she is an Amazonian Princess after all! Anyway, once again enough chatter - onward artward!

Wonder Woman taller than Superman
New Frontier
Catwoman revelling in her score
Catwoman Pin Up from Solo: Darwyn Cooke
Wonder Woman deflecting bullets
Wonder Woman, back cover New Frontier
Batman jumping to plane
Batman, from Batman/Spirit
Wolverine and Doop
Wolverine and Doop vs pink lady!
Spider-Man vs the Vulture
Spider-Man versus The Vulture

Selina's Big Score interior shot
Establishing shot from interior of Selina's Big Score
free comic book day cover by Darwyn Cooke
Free Comic Book Day cover
Superman fighting Batman
Batman vs Superman from New Frontier
Zatanna Pin up, Joker and Harley gag
Solo Interior art

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