Monday, July 23, 2012

Pixar borrows from Mad Magazine

Mad Magazine, Tales Calculated to Drive You Mad, Cover ** This is an old post from a blog I am shutting down. Funny enough, my last blog I only had one comment, and it was for this post. I was told I was full of sh#t, and that Wall-E is the best movie ever and not rip off of anything. Rip off no, but a borrowed idea is still a borrowed idea **

I love Pixar flicks.

The folks at Pixar know how to entertain fo' sho. But not all the ideas they develop are original. Take for example the recently released Wall-E. A movie set in the future where machines run everything. Due to the machine operated world, humanity has grown gelatinous, lazy, and confined to a chair. A great idea and a logical conclusion - but not original.

Mad Magazine published this very idea over 50 years ago! In 'Tales Calculated to Drive You MAD #1' OCT-NOV 1952, in the story titled "Blobs" humanity is pictured exactly as present day Wall-E creators picture humanity. See the following image:

Obese humans in motorized chairs with TV displays

So as you can plainly see, Mad Magazine is truly ahead of its time.

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