Sunday, October 19, 2008

Marvel Comics Presents # 54: Wolverine

Writers: Michael Higgins, Len Kaminsky, Len Wein, Hollis Bright
Artists: Dave Ross, Jim Fry, Jim Fern, Steve Ditko
Colorist: Brad Vancata, Gregory Wright, Ed Lazellari
Publisher: Marvel
Published: 1990

4 comics in 1 comic - can't beat that! Because there are 4 comics crammed in 32 pages, each tale is generally 8 pages of solid mayhem.

The first tale involves Wolverine killing a bear, and then getting into a fight with Hulk. The second tale (by far the most interesting) has the Werewolf by Night chained to a wall, in the hopes of controlling the werewolf transformation. The third tale has Tiger Shark kicking Stingray in the nuts, and finally the fourth tale has some Kali Protector fighting a rogue Kali person or something or be fair I didn't really read that last one. This is often the case with Marvel Comics Presents. Anyway, enjoy some Tiger Shark vs. Stingray action.

Now that's some fish on fish nut crackin'!

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