Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vampirella # 20

Writers: Ty Templeton, David Conway, Steven Grant
Artists: Bruce Timm, Patrick Zircher
Colorists: Dean White
Publisher: Harris Publications
Published: October 1999

Admittedly I know nothing about Vampirella, beyond that she is some sort of alien vampire who wears next to nothing. The only reason I picked up this issue was because Bruce Timm was a guest artist. The issue is broken into two tales, the titled Lust for Life, and the second Rebirth Part 3. Since I am only concerned with Timm's work, the first tale is the only one of interest. Once again, I know, shallow...

Lust for Life opens with Jordan Sheppard painting a portrait of Vampirella. She is entranced by Jordan, whereas he seems to have other things on his mind. And no, it's not his desire to seduce her - BUT TO KILL HER!!! Jordan is an ancient man with ancient evil spells at his command, and he aims to capture Vampirella's essence for himself, which requires her death. Too bad for him, that he has chosen his prey incorrectly - for Vampirella is no ordinary prey - BUT THE PREDATOR! Ah ha aha ha - ack cough - a ha ha bwah ha ha HA!


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