Friday, October 31, 2008

What If... # 24: Wolverine Was Lord Of The Vampires

Wolverine looking evil as shitWolverine feasting on Jean GreyWriters: Roy Thomas & R.J.M. Lofficier
Artist: Tom Morgan
Colorist: Tom Vincent
Publisher: Marvel
Published: April 1991

Happy Halloween! I thought I would take this day to discuss a real treat:

What If...Wolverine Was Lord Of The Vampires! Hell Yeah!

Now this is a real "what if" comic. Way back, the X-Men had a battle with Count Dracula to save Storm's soul. In that time line, the X-Men were successful, but in this issue's time line, the X-Men fail, and are turned to vampires. Wolverine, now free of the trappings of humanity, reverts to his, yeah you guessed it, his wolverine form, and takes down Dracula. After a gruesome beheading of the Count, Wolverine takes over as Lord of the Vampires.

Dracula head rolls awayWith Wolverine in control, he and the vampire X-Men quickly take down their fellow mutants, superheros and former villains. Humans are merely prey at this point. The only threat to Wolverine at this point is Dr. Strange, so Wolverine sends vampire Juggernaut to kill Dr. Strange, which he does, but only Strange's physical form dies. Strange escapes in his spirit form and later teams up with the Punisher. The Punisher, armed with Strange's mystical cape and the Eye of Agamotto, heads into battle - the BATTLE TO END IT ALL!


So long, spectacular story short, the good, human, guys win, but not the way one would expect. Let's just say Wolverine stays true to his inner character. Oh, what a ride.Punisher is the king of fashion
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