Saturday, November 1, 2008

Detective Comics # 583

Writers: John Wagner & Alan Grant
Artist: Norm Breyfogle
Colorist: Adrienne Roy
Publisher: DC
Published: February 1988

Detective Comics #583 has Batman beating up some kids. But it's okay, because these kids are high on a drug called Fever, and they also just tried to light a cat on fire and then end up killing an old man. After taking care of the kids, Batman infiltrates the drug dealers stronghold, and then finds out that the drugs are being distributed by Scarface.

This tale was less than remarkable; however, what it lacked in content, it made up in visuals and action sequences. Take for instance:

1. The cover is by the great Mike Mignola,
2. A sweaty faced kid on drugs who calls himself "The Fever God" and then chucks a trash can,
3. Batman giving a swirly to a drug dealer,
4. and finally, Batman getting all Super Bad Cop on the aforementioned drug dealer.

"Cowards are a superstitious and cowardly lot"

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