Tuesday, November 4, 2008

G.I. Joe All American Hero # 85

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: Paul Ryan
Colorist: Bob Sharen
Publisher: Marvel
Published: April 1989

This was a comic I purchased in one of those surprise bundles where you get 5 comics for like 2 bucks. Around the early 90s when I got this, I would have never had made the conscious decision to pick up a GI Joe comic unless it had Snake Eyes on the cover. The bundle I picked up didn't have Snake Eyes on any covers, but it did have Storm Shadow, which is pretty cool...I guess...

GI Joe # 85 is entirely wordless, with only sound effects added. Jinx visiting a local museum that is displaying samurai swords and during her visit she calls up Storm Shadow. Little does she know that Zartan is tracing the call. Once Zartan has Storm Shadow's location, he orders Jinx killed by Cobra ninjas. She easily defeats them, since she is GI Joe and in a museum filled with swords. You'd think Cobra would at least wait till she was in the can or something...

Meanwhile, Zartan and Cobra crew are on there way to ambush Storm Shadow, who was able to hear the attack on Jinx over the phone, and is now getting ready to kick some Cobra ass. To cut to the chase, and this story has both, he does kick some ass. There is a lot of hacking and slashing, arrows fired, ninjas killed, and Cobra making a get-away in a VW van - straight into the San Francisco river! But don't take my word for it! Look below!
All in all a decent tale, but not nearly as good as the GI Joe PSAs.

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