Monday, November 3, 2008

Solo # 10: Damion Scott

Writers: Damion Scott, Rob Markman, Randee Carcano
Artist: Damion Scott
Colorist: Damion Scott, Brian Stelfreeze
Publisher: DC
Published: June 2006

Another masterpiece of DC's Solo series drawn/written by the comic graffiti dynamo Damion Scott. During his introduction, Damion states that graffiti art is a major influence on his work. He wasn't kidding. His style of art for the four tales he presents don't belong in a comic - they belong in a major city, downtown, scrawled across the backs of restaurants, apartments, and pasted to the brick enclosed alleyways. It was this comic that started me on my obsession to collect the entire Solo series.

The first tale is of Flash and his race against Death. The second chapter is Scotts visual depiction of the different elements of what Superman means to him. The third tale concerns a brutal training of Robin by Batgirl, and finally, the last tale has Batman in a unique dance with Batgirl.

I could go on and on as to why this Solo issue is a masterpiece, but I'll just let some scanned images of Scott's work speak for itself. Enjoy!

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