Friday, January 2, 2009

Battle For A Three Dimensional World

Writer: Ray Zone
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publisher: 3D Cosmic Publications
Published: 1982

Jack Kirby was known for his eye popping artwork, ie. is characters jumped off the page. Now imagine Jack Kirby's eye popping art in 3D! Yeah, I know...I just made your day...punk.

The story revolves around Stereon and his battle against the shape changing Circe and her quest to destroy the 3 dimensional world. Circe lives in a 2D universe and sends out "flatties" to destroy the key inventors who developed 3D technology. In the end she transforms into a giant cyclops, but is defeated by Stereon and his Red and Blue glasses.

That's the premise of the story, but the true intention of the Zone and Kirby are to describe the history of how 3D was invented.

Did you know:

1. Leonardo Da Vinci realized that our 2 eyes see 2 images at once and thus we perceive 3 dimensional depth.
2. Charles Wheatstone invented a mirror stereoscope, known as the 3D viewer.
3. Ducos Du Hauron developed the method to separate stereo images via 2 channels, red and blue, for group viewing with glasses.
4. and some more facts that I'm too lazy to write...

So, in summary, not only did Jack Kirby's art look even more fantastic in 3D, but I learned at minimum 3 facts about 3D. 3 Cheers For 3D!

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