Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Complete Cheech Wizard Vol. 1

Writer/Artist: Vaughn Bode
Publisher: Rip Off Press
Published: 1986

Any underground comix fan will know of Vaughn Bode. He was the magician of the underground crew, and with his creation the Cheech Wizard, the two created magic; and by magic I mean a lot of magical kicks to the groin. The Wizard is also a fan of the more carnal aspects of life. Remember folks, these comics are'nt called 'underground comix' without a reason. Then again, that being said, these comics could be considered tame in regards to today's standards.

Anyway, this volume collects about 16 strips of the Wizard in action. Here's a few shots, and by shots I mean nut shots:If you're wondering why I censored this one, it is strictly because I never did like the way Vaughn Bode drew the lizards groins....well as much as one can like seeing lizard groins...

"Arrgh my groin"

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