Monday, January 19, 2009

Fantastic Four: Ilsla De La Muerte!

Writer: Tom Beland
Artist: Juan Doe
Publisher: Marvel
Published: February 2008

The FF delivers in this issue!

Ben Grimm takes a 3 day vacation every year and he never tells anyone where he goes. Of course, this annoys Johnny to no end. Once Ben is gone, Johnny persuades Sue to pester Richard to find out where he goes. Turns out Ben goes to Puerto Rico every year. The remaining FF crash his vacation, much to Things chagrin. Too bad for Ben, not only does he have to deal with the invasive FF, but the mysterious El Chupacabras have returned to Puerto Rico to claim what is theirs.

Oh, and Mole Man is involved. I have only a handful of Fantastic Four comics and at least half of them have the damn Mole Man. I can't seem to get away from the guy!

This was a great issue though, even if it has the Mole Man. The art was *ahem* fantastic, and all the characters mannerisms were dead on. Plus, this was a Ben Grim comic, so it got into that whole 'being accepted' thing, and even manages to mention the other quintessential Ben Grimm issue "This Man...This Monster." What a great issue.

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