Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kato of the Green Hornet # 3

Writer: Mike Baron
Artist: Todd Fox
Publisher: NOW Comics
Published: January 1992

As far as I can tell, the Kato comic series is a mishmash of different Bruce Lee movie plots and images taken from his films and works. Kato # 3 has Kato directing the "Great Glory" which is soon put on halt as a group of Communist militants invade his set. Kato is then forced to justify his film to a panel of Communist Party Officials. Later at a socialist gathering Kato attempts to free some of his film crew who were taken prisoner by the state. He is apphrended and caged away. He escapes, kicks some communist soldier ass, but is soon returned to prison as two deadly female body guards slam their knees into his face. Ouch.

The issue ends with Kato released to film a scene in "Greater Glory" where he has to take on a head Party Official.

Fun stuff, huh?
Baby don't hate the playa - hate the game!

I've had this comic at least 17 years now and this is the first time I've actually read it. Much like a fine wine, this comic needed the time to age into a good read. If I had read it back in '92 I wouldn't have picked up on the Bruce Lee inspired images, (see below), because I wouldn't have seen all the Lee films or read any Bruce Lee books. I needed the 17 years to allow myself just to become versed in the world of Bruce Lee-mania. Todd Fox and Mike Baron are definitely Bruce Lee fans and their dedication to developing a story filled with Lee inspired plots is a real treat to a fellow Bruce Lee fan.

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