Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Savage Sensational She-Hulk # 3 AKA # 100

Writer: Dan Slott, Stan Lee, John Byrne
Artists: Juan Bobillo, Paul Pelletier & Rick Magyar, Scott Kolins, Mike Vossburg, Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti, Ron Frenz , Joe Sinnott & Sal Buscema, Mike Mayhew, Don Simpson, Le Weeks, Eric Powell, Tom Grummett & Gary Erskine, John Buscema & Chic Stone, John Byrne
Publisher: Marvel
Published: February 2006

Issue # 100 of my 365 run. Hard to believe that I was able to actually stick it out this long. Just so people know, I got this idea from my girlfriend who told me about people who take a picture of themselves everyday for a year and post it on the internet. I thought the idea was neat, but I didn't have the right amount of narcissism to do that, so I thought I would instead talk comics everyday. Hopefully I drive this "bug" out of me and I can start focusing on more important matters like world peas and developing my dream home, Baconland™. It'll be like MJ's Neverland ranch, but instead of inviting at-risk youth to stay with me to find inner peace, I'll be cooking and packaging at-risk youth for wholesal - um, what I mean is I'll have them fight each other to the death in a bacon paradise. Then I'll cook and package the losers.

I know, I know, sick...but they were at-risk from the start, so you can't get upset with me for profiting on the risk they face EVERY. DAY. OF. THEIR. LIVES.

Support your local youth shelter.

The 100 issue has She-Hulk on trial for messing with the Timeline to try and warn Hawkeye of his future doom. The entire Marvel Universe who has ever had anything to do with She-Hulk is brought forth to testify and vouch for her, cause if the trial finds her guilty - she'll be erased from time! The issue pretty much goes on to have witnesses come forth and describe an event where the outcome could not have been achieve if it were not for She-Hulk's help. One of the funniest segments of the trial is when Razorback goes on to describe how She-Hulk was able to defeat the Piratasaurs when her spacesuit was destroyed and her *ahem* bare chest distracted them to the point they drove into an asteroid. Too funny.

The remaing issue has reprints of the first issues of The Savage She-Hulk and The Sensational She-Hulk. Marvel, more so than DC has always included old reprints in new issues, especially for annuals and one-shots. When I was a kid, I hated this, but now that I'm a bit older, I think it's a great idea. It lets fans see the old issues that started it all without having to shell out the big bucks.

I've recently heard that She-Hulk has been canceled again. Don't worry folks though, I'm sure she'll be hulking back in no time soon. Even Marvel.com jokes about it: "She's been savage. She's been sensational. She's been an avenger. She's been a lawyer. She's been a bounty-hunter. But there's one thing She-Hulk has always been, in all of her many series... cancelled. But it hasn't stopped her yet!"
Happy 100th!

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