Sunday, January 4, 2009

Solo # 2: Richard Corben

Writers: Richard Corben, John Arcudi
Artist: Richard Corben
Publisher: DC
Published: February 2005

The second issue of Solo follows up the stellar opening by Sale. This issue has Richard Corben, the Master of the Grotesque, strutting his stuff. There are five tales, four as stand alone stories set outside the DC universe, and one concerning the Spectre.

The first four tales are classic Corben stuff, violence, forbidden treasures, and things never appearing as they are. The first tale has an imminent archaeologist in search of a forbidden treasure. He is met by a beautiful local, who warns him not to seek the treasure. By this time, bandits raid her home, knock the archaeologist out, and force her to lead them to the treasure...too bad for them, she's a mummy who ends up killing them. Suckas! As for the archaeologist, he wakes up and runs to the treasure room, only to have the door close behind him, trapping him forever. So as you can see, no happy endings here, and just desserts delivered courtesy of Corben.

The last tale about Spectre is a great read. It has Jim Corrigan (the human host to THE WRATH OF GOD - THE SPECTRE), following up a tip from a dead man as to the whereabouts of a killer. The dead man hopes his act of kindness will earn him a spot in Heaven, and The Spectre will get to enforce justice - holy style! Another spectacular issue from a spectacular series!

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