Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spidey Super Stories # 33

spidey rassles the hulkWriter: Jim Salicrup
Artists: Win Mortimer, Don Perlin, Mike Esposito
Publisher: Marvel & The Electric Company
Published: April 1978

Today's issue has The Friendly Neighbor Hood Spider-Man battling it out with Hulk, The Kangaroo, and the Schemer.

The first tale has Peter Parker and Mary Jane attending the local carnival. Hulk is nearby and he hears laughing. Thinking he is getting laughed at, he storms the carnival. Good thing Spidey is there to take care of things! He ends up dousing Hulk in laughing gas as Hulk looks at himself in a fun house mirror, which causes Hulk to think he is laughing at himself. Once he realizes 'the joke' the Hulk bounds off.

The second tale has Peter Parker getting his ass handed to him by The Kangaroo. The Kangaroo is an Ozzy who hated life in normal civilization, so he intergrated himself in the Kangaroo society. He ate what they ate, jumped like they jump, and so on...The story ends with the Kangaroo knocking out Spidey, then mentioning that all his life he has been a loser, and then getting knocked out by a guitar being smashed over his head. He ends up living in the Zoo with other kangaroos...he's still a loser, but he's happy. There's a moral there...

Finally the last tale has Peter Parker and Aunt May on vacation in the Grand Canyon. Only problem is that the Grand Canyon has been turned into a trash dump, and giant postcards are hiding the trash. The Schemer is the cause of this dastardly, (dare I say) scheme. Spidey has to clean things up by knocking the Schemer's giant sized fly shaped helicopter out of the sky with a giant fly swatter.

Good times.

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