Saturday, January 24, 2009

Swamp Thing Annual # 1

Script: Bruce Jones
Story: Wes Craven
Artists: Mark Texiera & Tony DeZuniga
Publisher: DC
Published: 1982

Swamp Thing
you are a amazing.
You fight everything NASTY.
Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing Earth really needs you...

Swamp Thing is awesome. Especially when Alan Moore is writing. This isn't an Alan Moore issue, but in many ways it's just as good.

Sort of.

If you've seen the 1982 Swamp Thing film, then you know exactly what is in store if you pick up this issue. If you haven't seen the film - here's the deal: Guy named Alec is blown up, falls in swamp covered in scientific formula, becomes swamp creature who battles an evil-man-turned-monster-named-Arcane and kicks his monster ass, while lady named Alice is caught in the middle.

Swamp Thing rules.

Check some graphics:

uhm, that's what she said....

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