Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thunder Cats # 0

Writers/Artists: Ford Lytle Gilmore & J. Scott Campbell
Publisher: Wildstorm
Published: October 2002

"Thunder. Thunder. Thunder! Thunder Cats - HOOOOOOO!!!"

Shit Yeah that takes me back.

Thunder Cats was my Saturday morning cartoon when I was a kid. Just hearing the opening theme caused hairs to rise, blood to boil, and me to jump up and exclaim "HOOOOOOOOOO!" much to the annoyance of my mom. These days I find it difficult to try and get as excited about the cartoon considering it has been about 20 years, however, when I heard they were starting up a comic series...well that's a whole new ball of yarn!

Issue # 0 is a prelude to the main story. It reintroduces the main characters and different battles they've fought. It's like a clip show in comic form. Story wise, not too much more to tell than that. The art is fantastic. Campbell definitely has upped the ante on the old designs. The characters are sleek, sharp, deadly, and fierce. These ain't no kitties anymore. These are THUNDER CATS!

Man I'm a dork.

Check this cool trailer for THUNDER CATS HOOOOOO!

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