Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Diary

woman cryingwoman kissing man while postman delivers the mailWriters/Artists: unknown but the cover has Dick Giordano credited
Publisher: Charlton Comics
Published: November 1962

One day before V-Day!

Here's an oldie. This issue has a few tales with very little differences between plot: couple fall in love, try to solidify their love but are stopped either by doubt, fear, parents, or circumstance, but in the end get together. Check some scans and you'll see what I mean:

fat fathersnoggingshe's so cruel!
kissingWhat I don't get about these old romance stories is the preoccupation with depicting vanilla love. Why are all the characters white? Don't get me wrong here, I'm no racist (that I know of anyway), but I think it is a bit limiting that the characters don't mix it up as it were. That's one thing that always bugged me about the Archie comics. Archie could chase after Midge, Veronica, Cheryl or Betty, but Chuck could only chase after Nancy.

This exact situation reminds me of when I saw Snake and Joey from Degrassi the TV show giving a talk at UNB. I remember them saying that when the show started to air the show down in the USA, the number one complaint from parents were not the episodes concerning suicide, abortion, or so on, but when BLT dated Michelle, because he was black and she was white.

Well, I guess that's just another aspect of love: stupidity.


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